About Our Practice

The focus of Foxhall Medicine is to provide personal care — we take the time to answer your questions, and plan for your individual needs.
The focus of Foxhall Medicine is to provide personal care — we take the time to answer your questions, and plan for your individual needs.

The Best Of The Old
And The New

Foxhall Medicine was founded with the belief that medical care should remember its roots, meaning that Doctors have personal relationships with their patients. Doctors know their patients when they are well, in order to guide them through a lifetime of good health. At the same time, the 21st century is awash in new medical technology, diagnostic tests and treatments. We also believe that it is imperative to “keep up,” so that our patients can always be assured that we are providing the best possible, modern care…in a rational, thoughtful, individualized way.

We are privately owned. This allows us to maintain our independence. We have strong connections throughout the major health care networks, but we are beholden to no one but our patients. “Modern” medicine traces its roots to the 19th century where doctors truly knew their patients. Today, we strive to keep the best of the “old,” with the best of the “new.”

The Structure of Foxhall Medicine

Foxhall Medicine strives to grow and adapt to the needs of our community. We welcome new faces to work alongside with us to provide the best possible opportunities for our patients. We are not a “clinic.” That means, each provider is an individual, and each provider is personally responsible for the needs of their individual patients. Although we can support one and another, you will never be at the mercy of the “doctor on call.”

Our Services Include:

Stroke Prevention Program

Strokes can be actively prevented. Having a stroke means having brain damage from inadequate or interrupted blood flow to the brain. To prevent this, you need to undergo a systematic evaluation of the health of your heart and blood vessels and be evaluated for the possibility of irregular heartbeats. For more information, click HERE

Complete Cardiac and Vascular Risk Assessment

Heart disease is a “Silent Killer,” but it is not invisible. Most heart disease is the result of natural aging. It can be seen, measured, and managed. The heart is also a moving organ. To know your heart’s health, you must see it in action. This can be done thoroughly, and non-invasively without the use of radiation or chemicals.

Preventive Cardiology

The heart and circulation naturally change with age. Managing the process is essential to reduce the risk of heart and brain damage (heart attacks, heart failure, strokes and vascular dementia). Thoughtful testing, beyond simple labs or X-rays, provides very specific, individual guidance on how to prevent heart and vascular disease.

Executive Health

Testing without follow-up is of very limited use. We do not simply order a series of tests and then tell you to “discuss with your doctor.” We are responsible for every patient of our practice, and every patient remains a patient indefinitely so that all issues necessary for the maintenance of health can be directly addressed. We are your doctors. A test without a doctor is like a map without guide.